how to give baby up for adoption

Adoption can be the right option for you and your child, and bring light and joy to others. While it can be difficult to come to this decision, remember that there are professionals to offer legal and emotional support at every step

Search Your Heart. Finding out you are pregnant can come with a flood of emotions. And you have several options, depending on your location, your beliefs, and your personal situation. Adoption is an excellent selection.
Contact a Silver Spoon Adoptions (800) 488-3238 as soon as you feel adoption is your best option. We will have a Texas state licensed attorney contact you and they will help you choose the adoptive parents and they will provide documents for you. They will also explain legal matters.

  • Some agencies can specify the parents your child goes to, such as parents that follow your religion.
  • Do not feel pressured to adopt out your child–you still have the final say.


Open or Closed Adoption? You can arrange an open adoption, in which you will have contact with both the child and the adoptive parents after the birth. This is an increasingly popular choice. However, the choice of a traditional adoption, in which you do not have contact with the child, is still a choice.

Family Adoption? Sometimes a child is adopted by another family member: a grandparent, sister, cousin, uncle, or other family member. In some cultures, this is much more acceptable than adopting out a child.
Know Your Rights. Ideally, whatever choice you make is made ahead of time, and everything moves smoothly. However, you may change your mind when you give birth. Know your rights: How long do you have to change your mind? What if I don’t want to give the baby up? What if I do? What if I decide I don’t want to meet my biological child when he’s older? Knowing your options can help you make an informed choice. The attorney that you speak with can advise you
Understand the Emotional Impact. Adoption comes with many mixed emotions on everyone’s account. good agency will provide counseling on how to approach these issues. You may very well have very powerful feelings–positive and negative–about this situation in your life. You will need to grieve over the lost connection with your biological child, who has been with you all the 9 months. But remember: You are giving a gift that will give true happiness and hope to a new family.