Adoption an option for the Duggard family ?

The former Jessa Duggard, now married to Ben Seewald , states that they have looked into adoption as a means of expanding their family. According to the couple, most adoption agencies require   two years of marriage prior to be considered for adoption.


The Seewalds are featured in this week’s edition of PEOPLE, available wherever magazines are sold. Here are a few highlights from the article:

Jessa and Ben Seewald
1. Jessa and Ben honeymooned in Paris, Rome, and Venice.

2. They are now renting the house that Josh and Anna lived in before moving to Washington D.C. Who is their landlord? Grandma Mary Duggar! The house is minutes away from Jim Bob and Michelle and about 30 minutes from Jill and Derick.

3. Ben completed an associates degree and is considering attending seminary in hopes of becoming a pastor someday. He currently works for Jim Bob.

4. Jessa is not pregnant (yet).

5. The Seewalds researched adoption but discovered that most agencies require a couple to be married for two years before adopting. Still, they hope to adopt “a lot of kids,” as Jessa puts it.

6. Jessa and Ben are considering purchasing a TV to watch football and “a cooking show every now and then,” but for now, they watch television shows, such as The Andy Griffith Show, online.